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Chimera - Rob Thurman 4.75 stars, rounded up to 5

I am a huge fan of the tv show Supernatural, so when I read the blurb for Chimera, I knew I had to read it. I love books/movies/tv shows/anything with an great relationship between brothers, and this book did not disappoint in that aspect!

The story:

It was fast-paced, one thing happening after the other. I'm used now, with M/M stories, to shorter books, so when I start a longer one I'm always scared I'll get bored at some point. Happily, that did not happen with this! They were on the run throughout the entire book, so there was no time for it to get boring; from getting attacked, to meeting creepy doctors, to getting all their things stolen, etc. And even in between all those things, just the interaction between Stefan and Lukas/Michael was brilliant and so funny!

The brothers:

Stefan, oh Stefan *sigh*. I loved him! He's been looking for Lukas/Michael for years, never giving up because he knew he'd find his brother someday. That hope prevented him from even leading a normal life, his mind always elsewhere, with his brother. My heart ached for him; he was filled with guilt over the disappearance of his brother, convinced it happened because of him. Tormented heros are my favourite kind of heros *grin*.

Lukas/Michael, the stubborn little brother! Oh, how I loved him too! Yes, it was hard for him to open up, to even smile, but can you blame him after what he went through? But he still had such a good heart, and he wanted more than everything else to hold on to that hope that he had a family now, that Stefan was his brother, even if he refused to acknowledge it out loud. His loyalty to Stefan made my heart melt. And better than all, his sense of humour, his sarcasm, his wit, all made me fall even more for him!

So yes, I loved this book so much I'm adding it to my favourites shelf, and hopefully I'll like the second book just as much.