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Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding - Marie Sexton I would give this 3 stars for the first 50% and 5 stars for the second half, so 4 stars overall it is! I started reading and honestly before that half mark I was kind of sad cause I thought I'd end up disappointed with this book I'd been waiting for for so long, but thankfully it picked up so I ended up really liking it.

The reason why I didn't quite enjoy the first half as much is because it was honestly a bit boring for me. Yeah they were traveling around the world but it was said, not actually shown, which I would'Ve preferred. Then they go to Germany for Christmas, and we finally get to meet Cole's mother, they spend some time with her and Jon's dad and that's kind of it. Oh and we get Jon's dad POV, which I wanted, but it ended up boring me to tears cause it was only when he and Cole's mom were left alone. Also during this first half there wasn't enough of Cole and Jon together. Even when they were together, it was usually Cole pushing Jon away, which I didn't really like. So yep, only 3 stars for this.

But then they got back to Phoenix and it started really picking up. What with them preparing to meet their future child's mother, Taylor, for an interview, Cole not being himself and thinking he fucked up and then Jon comforts which lead to a very sweet scene. And in the end everything worked out for them because they got their little baby girl and it got me teary-eyed, especially because of Cole and how happy it made him.

Ah Cole, God I love this character so much! Definitely one of the most memorable, most endearing and most loveable characters I've had the pleasure to read. The second meeting with Taylor had me grinning the whole time because of Cole being the person we, as readers, fell in love with, but also the person everyone in this series can't help but love.

But there's also Jon, whom readers sometimes seem to forget because of Cole, but Jon is just as amazing with his unconditional love for Cole. He'd honestly do everything for him and it made me burst with happiness. He was also so endearing when Taylor was giving birth, not realizing that it doesn't just take two pushes and the baby is out. I was laughing out loud at his inner thoughts.

So yeah, that second half was amazing and seeing them happy with their little girl was the best kind of ending I could've asked for.