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Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna Alright, so I started reading this book with big expectations; I mean, first I love any book that has to do with the military, and second the blurb sounded absolutely amazing, exactly my kind of book. So I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I finished the book. Now, don't get me wrong, I still liked it a lot, and it started out amazing, 5 stars for sure... so why did I end up giving this a 4 stars? The were a few things that really bothered me throughout the book. I'll get to them at the end, but let's start out with the things that I liked:


+ The unique twist on werewolves. I know there are other books out there where the population knows about werewolves, but I thought it was pretty unique here; how they were used in the military to help, how the were manuals and instructions how to handle them, etc. The the plot in general was really great and caught my attention immediately.

+ The characters! I'm only going to talk about the two MCs, but I also liked a lot of side-characters, from the other werewolves to other marines, etc. So first there's Lucas, whom... ok I admit he kind of got on my nerves a bit because, let's be honest, he was a little bit dense at times (I'm gonna come back to that in my dislikes), but he was still very likeable and I really liked how he handled Noah when Noah was assigned to his platoon. He refused the let himself be intimidated by this huge True Alpha, which led to some pretty hot sexual tension. I also liked his dedication so his marines and how he'd do anything to protect them, and especially protect Noah. As for Noah, sweet jesus he was so fucking hot! From the moment he stepped into the platoon I couldn't get enough of him... and neither could Lucas! Sometimes alpha males annoy the hell out of me, but Noah didn't; he was too sexy and possessive and protective and kind, I just loved him!

+ Which brings me to my next point: their possessiveness over each other. Again, sometimes it can be overdone, but not here. This was what really possessiveness should be in books, not the freaking "Mine" growled during sex like in so many book. No, the biting and the holding that went down in this book is how it should be! It was just the way I like it.


- The lack of conjunctions! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Sometimes I could forget about it when I really got into the book, but other times, it made me want to just stop reading because I got so frustrated! It was mostly during the scenes between Noah and Lucas: it was "Noah did this. Noah looked there." or "Lucas touched Noah's hair and then Lucas touched Noah's neck". The author kept repeating their names over and over. Arghhh! I didn't flow nicely. It was even more annoying during their sex scenes, too.

- The lack of communication between Noah and Lucas. Look, it was hot as hell when they were getting down and dirty, but I wish was more communication. We barely know these characters, and they barely know each other. They mostly talked about about werewolves and how all this stuff worked, but never about themselves. I just didn't feel like their relationship (or the plot for that matter) progressed; to quote Jenn: "It didn't matter if I was at 30% or 70% of the book because the exact same things were occurring". So that made the book kind of long, just because the same things were happening over and over: them nuzzling each other, Noah and the pack going on a run every full moon, him coming back and exchanging hand-jobs with Lucas, some military missions, and all that over again.

- Like I mentioned earlier, Lucas was kind of dense when it came to his relationship with Noah... and that made me confused about their relationships, which annoyed me because it lasted almost the whole book. Cause for me they were actually in a relationship right, it was just the whole Alpha/Dominant thing... I mean they were cuddling and nuzzling and having sex and being protective/possessive of each other, what else could it be?! But then Lucas made me question the whole thing and I got so confused because I thought maybe I wasn't understand what was going on. But then I figured out that it's just Lucas who doesn't know shit, especially when they'd just had sex and he was about to flirt with Noah but he didn't because he was Noah's superior so he couldn't act like that. What??????

But even though those last three points really annoyed me, I can't bring myself to give this less than three stars because my overall appreciation of the book was really good. Especially the beginning with the sexual tension between Noah and Lucas (I do wish that would've lasted longer before they jumped each other, though). So yeah, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to read a different twist on werewolves and people who like military stories.