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Drawing Blood - Poppy Z. Brite 3.5 stars. This was good, but oh so weird.

The first 40% were pretty boring, especially since the two MCs didn't even meet until that mark. But when they did meet it started getting reaaally good. I absolutely LOVED the connection between Zach and Trevor. From the moment they met, they immediately connected and I loved reading about it. I do feel like they fell in love kind of quickly and it wasn't very realistic, but then again, like Zach said, he'd been waiting 19 years to fall in love and it just happened that he met the right person just then. So I can forgive that.

I also would've preferred this book if it wasn't written in so many people's POVs, because I already don't really like when books aren't written in only one POV, but I got used to reading about both MCs POCs in most books... but this book had at least 5 POVs, and that was a little bit too much for me.

Also, he story got really (REALLY REALLY) weird near the end, but it's a horror book so I had to be expecting it. What I was expecting though and I didn't get was to be scared. I got KIND OF scared at around 60%, but that's probably mostly because I was reading at night in complete darkness...

Anyways, I did like this book even though the plot didn't really seem to go anywhere.. but the scenes between Zach and Trevor saved it. EXCEPT AT AROUND 88% WHEN TREVOR STARTED BEATING UP ZACH AND WAS ABOUT TO MURDER HIM, LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT