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I wanted to love this book, I really really did. I went into it expecting to love it, actually. Maybe that was my mistake, because I ended up feeling disappointed. But how could I not expect to love it when it had all the ingredients I usually love? when almost all my GR friends who have read it rated it 4 and stars? Even friends who are hard to please, who do not usually like fluffy/mushy books, fell in love with it. So of course I thought it was the perfect book for me because I do like those kind of books (with moderation, of course). But I finished this book thinkin "Well, that's that.", and moved on to another book. It wasn't bad at all, but I also didn't feel anything towards the book. Or, what I did feel towards it was at the opposite from what I wanted to feel. I felt bored, I felt disappointed because my expectations weren't met and I felt confusion, trying to find what clicked with everyone else but didn't with me. I can't bring myself to rate this under three stars, though, because while I didn't love it I also didn't dislike it. It was still adorable and I fell in love with Jamie Novotny, and him alone made this book worth reading in the end.