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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare SPOILERS ALERT.

I'm giving this a 1.5, and I almost gave it only a 1 star out of 5. It took me more than two months to finish this book. I started it and read like 100 pages but I just couldn't get into it. But then, a couple of weeks ago I picked it up again and continued reading and at around 200 pages I started liking it. I was hoping that it would keep being good but not... one hundread pages later it started being as bad as it started out. There were just so many things that bothered me in this book, but I'm only gonna name the ones that annoyed me the most.

Let's start out with the main character: Clary. She was one of the most annoying characters I ever read about. She was almost as bad as Bela Swan, which says a lot. First of all, I don't know if the author tried making her courageous, but it seemed like that. Well I have a message for the author: doing something without thinking about it for even a second is. not. courageous. Clary kept doing that the whole time. Like the time where Simon was a rat and they were in the vampire den. Jace was trying to work things out so that they could get out of there safe WITH Simon, but Clary just got tired of just waiting and watching them talk so what does she do? She runs to the vampire who's holding Simon (as a rat) and takes it from him. I'm sorry but what? Right, there are hundreads of vampires around you but it doesn't matter, just run to them and make your situation even worse. Ughhhh !!!! Other thing that bothered me: she was such a hypocritical character. The whoooole time, when she was seeing someone who didn't seem as interested at finding her mother she would start being all rude to them; ''why don't you help?!!'' and bla bla bla. But THEN, she said at least 3 times ''I felt so happy that I even forgot about my mother and about Simon'' really? And just the fact that she was so rude to some people made me hate her even more.

Next thing that I didn't like: Jace and Clary. Together. So like I said, I really don't like Clary, but I also didn't really like Jace. I mean he wasn't as bad as Clary obviously, but I just didn't get attached to him either. So the fact that the main couple is them just irks me. I don't see anything interesting about them, I was always bored in the chapters when they were only the two of them and I just wished it would finish already so I can read about the few characters that I'm actually interested to read about. I honestly don't understand what Jace can see in that girl.

Last thing I would like to point out in the things I didn't like is the writing. ugh, the writing. This book was so poorly written that sometimes I just wanted to throw the book across my room. Hopefully, Cassandra Clare's writing skills improve in the sequels.

There are still some few things I liked:

Isabelle, Alec and Magnus Bane. I would like to add Simon to that list, but unfortunately I really liked him at the beginning but then not so much. Anyways, let's talk about them. Those three are the only characters that I actually really enjoyed. And the only chapters that I liked are the ones where they were in. I couldn't wait for the chapters with Jace and Clary to end so that I could read about Isabelle, Alec and Magnus. They were entertaining and interesting, unlike the other characters. And thay're the only reason I gave this book 1.5 instead of just 1. They're also the reason why I will continue with the series (and the fact that when bought City of Bones, I also bought City of Ashes and City of Glass). I would like to see how the develop and what will happen with them.

Hopefully the second book is better than the first !