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Aaron - J.P. Barnaby I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book because I've heard some pretty mixed stuff about it - people either loved it or they hated it. So I'm happy to say that I'm one of those that really liked it. The book was absolutely heartbreaking, but to see what long way Aaron came from the beginning of the book til the end was so heartwarming. I have to say that he couldn't have asked for better people around him to support him. From his mother, to his brothers, and Spencer and his dad.. what amazing people.

This wasn't a romance book, it was Aaron's journey to start living again instead of surviving, with a little bit of romance thrown in it. And I'm glad the author wrote the story that way, because I don't think this book would've been this good if it was just filled with romance.

Highly emotional read, but very rewarding in the end.