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Cinder - Marie Sexton I've heard only great things about this book so maybe that's why I'm disappointed; my expectations were too high. I was expecting a very cute light read but instead I found myself more often than not annoyed instead of going "awwww". None of the characters really stuck with me tbh and some things were pretty confusing/annoying:

- Did Xavier like boys or girls or both? I guess it's both because he get's turned on by girl!Eldon when they kiss, but maybe it's just because she (subconsciously) reminding him of Eldon?... but yeah that was pretty confusing.
- Also, it bothered me how he said that he loved Eldon for a very long time but then he basically falls for girl!Eldon and is ready to mary her and forget about Eldon just like that. Yes it was girl!Eldon he was falling for but in the end he didn't know that it was Eldon.
- Too many Jessalyn and Xavier scenes that just cut in the Eldon/Xavier scenes and were just annoying.

Yeah, basically all these points kept me from really liking this book.