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My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap! - Wade Kelly 1.5 stars

Here we go...

I hate giving such low ratings to books and even more writing these kind of reviews, but I just didn't like this book at all for countless reasons. To be honest, I would've probably liked it more if it were shorter, but with ~260 pages, every single detail got on my nerves more and more as I kept reading.

First of all, I did not like the two main characters, especially not Cole, whom I found very rude. I liked Ellis a bit more, but I can't say I loved him either because I found the way he handled things very immature. But worst of all, I didn't see why these two were attracted to each other.

So it starts out with Ellis moving in with Cole and Cole being all rude with him, but still being attracted to him even though *gasp!* he's a jock!! Eventually they have kind of a "truce" and they start playing video games together and I guess this is where their friendship developed? I say "I guess" because next thing I know, Cole describes his friendship with Ellis as "special" and he says that Ellis knows him better than anyone else, even his best friend. And I might have understood that, IF the book actually SHOWED Ellis and Cole bond, but I feel like it skipped a few weeks or even months between when they first started playing video games together and Cole thinking that. Oh, yeah there was the camping trip and a few kisses here and there but nothing worthy of "special friend who knows me better than anyone else". Then, there's a whole lot of drama; Ellis and Cole not talking to each other anymore (aka Ellis being immature and annoying), and then eventually everything works and BAM "I love you's" are exchanged. But wait! That's not the worst, a couple of weeks later, ELLIS ASKS COLE TO MARRY HIM. Uh ?????? I just... I was shaking my head laughing at this cause in my opinion it was pretty damn ridiculous that Ellis asks him to marry him after such a short period of time, because even though everything works out for them I don't feel like Cole and Ellis know each other AT ALL (and as a reader I don't feel like I know either of these characters either). Anyways, next there's a whole lot of cheesiness and sap ensuing that made me roll my eyes more than once.

The two characters that I actually enjoyed reading about were Rob and Russell. They were quite entertaining and funny, so that helped me get through this book. I also liked how this book didn't show all christians under a bad light, like a lot of m/m books do very often. Rob and Russell, who are quite religious, handled things very well regarding Ellis and Cole. So that aspect of the book was quite refreshing to read.

But sadly, those few positive points didn't save this book for me. The characters, the writing style, the plot and the cheesiness made it that I just couldn't enjoy the book as a whole. Very regretful too, because I was looking forward to this story, seeing as jock/nerd is one of my favourite kind of storylines.