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Last First Kiss - Piper Vaughn 2.5 stars: So, I feel like many people will enjoy this short story because it's not bad at all, but for me the story just didn't stand out; I felt like this was a bit "been there, done that". It's the kind of story I read over and over, and I know the author was following the prompt but it still could've been a bit more "original".

So usually when I read a story where I feel like I've already read this kind of story multiple times, I can still enjoy it if I really like the characters... and that didn't happen in this. I liked Ryan just fine, but I did not feel anything towards Phillip, which led to me feeling detached from what was happening between them and not really caring at all.

But like I said, many people will enjoy this because the writing isn't bad and the story is pretty sweet... but it just wasn't for me.