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The Maze Runner - James Dashner Update from 05/06/13: Oh. my. God. Do you know how happy I was when I found out that Dylan Freaking O'brien is going to play Thomas in the movie?!! Couldn't have asked for a better actor to play a character I love so much in a book I love so much. Squeeeee!

4.5 stars

What an incredible book. I absolutely adored it. This book just confirmed even more that dystopia is my favourite genre. I don't know what about dystopia fascinates me so much, maybe it's to read about all these futuristic worlds that each author creates, and to see how the characters live in it. And James Dashner succeeded to grab my attention from the moment I picked this book up. I liked discovering the Glade, finding out how these young teenage boys learned to live in it, but not only live in it but keep an order as well, despite their young age and their terror.

I read a few reviews, and most of them said how they found the beginning of this book really slow, but in my opinion, it wasn't at all. Yes there wasn't much action at the beginning but I think those chapters were important to introduce us to this world, to the Glade, the Maze and the characters. The characters. I loved almost each and every one of them. I loved how they were strong even in this world of confusion and terror. I could connect with them, feel their frustration and that just made me enjoy this book so much. The only character I didn't feel much for was Teresa. It might be because she appeared so late in the book, but I really didn't feel any connection with her, I even wish she wasn't in the book. I don't think she brought much to the story, but that might be just me.

Overall, I think the world building and the plot were ingenious. I now have to buy the second book asap.