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Houseboat on the Nile - Tinnean DNF - 72%

Yes, I know, it's stupid of me to stop at 72%, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I started this book months ago so excited expecting it to be amazing. And I started reading and I got this feeling I get when I'm reading something that grabs me from the first chapter, that I know will probably end up in the 5 stars, but then everything went downhill from there. The first chapter was honestly so great; I could feel the chemistry between the two MCs (even though one was disguised as someone else), and I thought if a first chapter is so great, then the rest of the book must be great as well right? I was wrong. Now, don't get me wrong, the book wasn't awful, there were some parts that I actually enjoyed, but those were very few, unfortunately.

First of all, the POV shift WAS SO ANNOYING. Half of the time I didn't even know who's POV I was reading anymore. It confused the hell out of me and this is why authors shouldn't write POVs in the first person if they want to write the POV of both MCs. Also, not only that, but some things were pretty confusing, like once one of the MCs was dreaming of the other MC, but then I realized he wasn't dreaming, but TO FIND OUT THAT HE WAS IN FACT DREAMING? I firgured out eventually that he was dreaming but it took me a while going back and forth between "is he? oh no he's not... oh wait he is". Ugh.

This book has 350 pages, and there is no plot in it. NONE. There was an undertone of plot but most of it was also confusing so I couldn't even bother with it.

To be honest, I really tried finishing this book, that's why I read till 72%; I really reaaally wanted to see how it would end, but I'd rather just stop than give me any more headaches.

So I am rating this because I feel like at 72% I can give a proper rating, and one day I might finish it if I suddenly want to know what happens and if I hear that the sequels are amazing, but it won't be any time soon.