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Hemovore - Jordan Castillo Price 3.5. I had to think for a while if I'd give this book a 3 or a 4 stars. I just couldn't choose between the two so 3.5 stars it is.

What a unique take on vampires! I loved the whole concept of the virus and how the world and people over the years adapted to these "vampires". I was really impressed with the world building. The characters were great too: I loved Mark (his POV was fantastic), but I adored Jonathan... the secretive, artistic and sexy vampire. I could understand 100% why Mark fell in love with him. So the fact that I liked these two characters so much made them one of my all time favourite gay couples. They had so much sexual tension going on throughout the whole book and I liked that it took so long for them to finally act on it.

The only reason this book doesn't get more than 3.5 stars is because it was kind of slow at times, especially in the beginning... but other than that it was really good.

Oh and I also liked the Hungarian words thrown in the book here and there because I speak Hungarian too.. so that was cool.