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Paris A to Z - Marie Sexton
Jon said only, "I promise to follow wherever you lead."
Cole's quiet answer was, "And I promise to teach you to fly."

Gosh, how adorable is that? I love Jon and Cole so much!

Anyways, about the book. I really liked it. I liked Jared and Matt and Cole and Jon and George and... I kind of liked Angelo and Zach. Zach was kind of annoying and I still don't like/understand their whole thing about Angelo being with other guys too, but it ended up not bothering me as much as in The Letter Z. I would have MUCH more preferred this to contain more Jared and Matt, and Cole and Jon in it. Especially Cole and Jon because we got to read about at least one POV in each couple, but no in theirs... and I mean they all went to Paris for their wedding so I don't understand why we didn't get any inside in their relationship. Overall it was good, but I do hope there's going to be more books in this series, and this time books that are more about Jared/Matt and Cole/Jon.