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The Gravedigger's Brawl - Abigail Roux 4.5 stars. I've read a few ghost related books lately, but this one is by far my favourite.

I'm going to just quickly go over what makes me give this 4.5 stars rating and not a 5 stars one so I can get to the good stuff. Some parts seemed to be a bit long, like the history and backstory bits. But, that's just a personal issue because I get easily bored, but some people do like to read about all the history so those parts might not seem long to other people at all.

Now, on to everything that made this book so great...

The setting: LOVED IT! The pub was such a great place, cozy and friendly (when you take away the paranormal stuff that was going on). It had a historical vibe to it, but still remained contemporary, which was so so great. Caleb really did an amazing job with his pub, and honestly if I could chose to have a part time-job anywhere it would be in a place like that... without the ghosts of course.

The characters: Loved every single one of the main characters and I loved especially the friendship they had together; great group of friends! They were funny and witty and their interactions were great. Kind of sad this book is a stand-alone book (if I'm not wrong?), because I'm going to miss them. Truly enjoyed reading about them!

The romances: I could almost touch the chemistry between all the couples. Yes, the book is focused on Ash and Wyatt's romance, but you do get a few glimpses at Caleb and Noah's and Delilah and Ryan's relationships, which pleased me a lot. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind having a book focused on Caleb and Noah's relationship alone, because they were so great and sweet together. So I'm very glad we had a bit of Ryan's POV near the end, it permitted to see a bit more of his interaction with Caleb.

I just wanted to add one of my favourite scenes between Ash and Wyatt:

“That’s all I have. Really, all I had to go on was ‘I miss you.’ If that hadn’t worked, my backup plan was this.” He stuck out his tongue to display a stud shaped like a red rose.

Wyatt laughed and met Ash’s eyes as delight flooded him. “That’s . . . the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.”

Ahhh, Ash is so endearing, isn't he ? :)

Overall, this book had everything I was looking for, especially for the month of October, with Halloween approaching. The spooky ambiance was there, but it was also a great book friendship and romance wise.