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Buried Bones - Kim Fielding Ahh, Dylan and Chris get their HEA, and I might be a little teary-eyed right now. God, these two are so great together! Loved the book, it was a great sequel to the first book; it did not disappoint after an amazing first book.

The reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because I felt like it was a little bit too long and the ghost plot kind of dragged on at some points... a few things could of been left out, which would've made the book, for me, that much better. But honestly that was a pretty minor dislike because the rest was so good!

Dylan and Chris are now one of my favourite M/M couples just because they fit so great together! We could already see it in the first book how they complement each other, and this second instalment just continued showing that. I'm still grinning whenever I think of these two just because they are so sweet and even when they argue it's so funny because they are but so protective of each other; I'm still laughing over the scene where Chris is batting Dylan after he nearly drowned himself because of how stubborn he was.

Now, hopefully Ery will get his HAE too in a different book because he's such a sweetheart and I want to see him happy!