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All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this book. This is one of those times when I wish Goodreads would let us rate a book 6 stars, because this one would definitely deserve that extra star. All the wrote is now one of my top 3 favourite Josh Lanyon books. This book also reminded me just why Lanyon is my all time favourite M/M authors; that man is a genius. He can write amazing mysteries and such realistic and strong characters. I have always liked that about his books.

I honestly wasn't expecting to like this book all that much, I actually put off reading it for months because I only gave the first book 3 stars.. so let's say I wasn't in any rush to read the sequel. Boy was I wrong doing so! All she wrote was amazing!!

I knew before getting into the book that the second MC wasn't going to be in it for some time, so I was worried I'd get bored until then. It took 28% of the book for the second MC to get into the story, and not one moment was I bored 'till then...I would give a 4 stars fore the first 28% of the book. But when J.X. got into the book it suddenly went from 4 stars to 5 6 in a few paragraphs. Christopher and J.X. are great together. I mean yes, Christopher has many insecurities (which are understandable), but he slowly worked through them, learned to trust J.X and to open up to him (figuratively and literally, eheh). I must say, this couple is probably the sweetest couple I have ever read about. I loved reading about all the little touches exchanged, everything J.X. told Christopher to make him trust him, etc. Maybe I'm a sap, but it was fucking adorable and I reread those passages multiple times. I loved them so much that they are now definitely one of my all time favourite m/m couples.

The mystery part was also great. Like I said, the book didn't focus on Christopher and J.X.'s relationship 'till 28% of the book, so until then it mainly focused on the mystery, and I liked that. I really got into the mystery, trying to figure out who was behind all of it. It was a really interesting book from the mystery aspect as well.

The only thing that I didn't quite like as much was the ending. I would have preferred to have one more chapter where we could see Christopher and J.X. have that "talk" they said they'd have. I mean I'm sure things ended up good for them, but I would have liked to see how things were for them back in L.A. And also to know if Anna really did commit suicide or if someone murdered her. So yeah, that's my only (really) small problem with the book.

I am definitely going to be rereading this book pretty soon. Hopefully, Lanyon will also decide to write a third book in the series... I'm crossing my fingers for that !