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Sticks & Stones - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban 4.75

Much, much better than the first one! I really enjoyed this one and I'm angry at myself for waiting so long to continue with this series. Thank God a friend of mine here on GR (*wink* Kade) convinced me to read it.

I've read a few reviews for this book and what I always see is how people don't like the fact that Zane and Ty just won't admit their feelings to each other. But that's actually one of the facts that made me like this book so much... I wouldn't want them to just say I love you to each other only in the second book because then what's left to say for the next 6 books (there are 9 books planned so far)? I like that they're going slowly, it just makes it so much more realistic and it makes you want to read the next books to see Zane and Ty's relationship grow in each book. They've already grown a lot from the first book; they speak more freely about what they want and feel and they admitted wanting to be with each other. Yes, at times it can be a little bit frustrating, but like I said, that's what makes their relationship so realistic and exciting to read about.

I liked meeting Ty's family, especially Deuce ! He's such a great character and a really hope he'll be in the next books at some point or another. Now, not gonna lie, the hiking trip wasn't always exciting; some places were a bit boring (thus the 4.5 stars) but other than that I really liked everything about the book. We got to get to know Zane and Ty a little bit more as they opened up which just made me fall in love with them even more (who thought that was possible!).

Can't wait for the third book, which sounds even more amazing ! :)