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Maybe With a Chance of Certainty - John  Goode
I don’t remember the moment I knew I was broken…
but I do know the moment I began to feel fixed.
It was the day the green-eyed boy fell in love with me.

Sweet story about the school "celebrity" and the school "nerd" falling in love.

I liked Kyle a lot... I really felt for him and wanted him to have his fairytale ending so bad! He was so broken at first, but I feel like he grew a lot from the beginning till the end. He went from ignoring the insults thrown his way, to standing up for himself and for what he is. Though at some points the rambling was a little bit too long, I liked his inner-monologue and his comparisons between his life and people around him to fairytales and to those guys who test cars/airplanes to see to what point you can push the engine until it breaks.

Honestly, I'm still not positive Brad deserves Kyle, even after that cute ending... Brad did some pretty shitty stuff (not telling Kyle he had a girlfriend, standing him up), and even though Kyle did forgive him pretty quick, I don't think I have yet. But like I said, at the end of the day I wanted Kyle to have his fairytale ending, because he deserves to be happy and to have someone there for him. Now I just want to see how Brad's going to act in the sequel, especially now that he came out to the whole school. And the sequel is also in his POV so I'm really looking forward to get to know him a little bit more.