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East - Domashita Romero,  neomeruru Oh wow. Definitely my favourite story by this author so far. It was absolutely amazing.

This is such a short story but these few pages got me so attached to Liev and Chris. You can't not fall for them, you can't not want them to be happy and for them to get out of that shitty town.

Above the love they have for each other, I loved their friendship. They are best friends first and foremost and it just happens that they also love each other so much and they're just meant to be (yes yes I'm a sap, but blame the author; this story made me feel all mushy inside). There is so much tenderness between them, but they're also playful with each other and of course they always want to jump each other's bones. The dialogues were hilarious; one short sentence and it had me cracking up. It's actually something I noticed from reading other stories by this author: the humour doesn't feel forces and it's right up my alley in terms of humour.

Honestly, there's nothing I can say here that would pay tribute to this story enough, so just go read. ASAP.