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Tigers and Devils - Sean Kennedy This is the second time I read this book in only a few months, and it’s definitely not going to be the last. Tigers and Devils definitely ranks up in my top 2 favourite MM books. There are 376 pages in this book, and not one second you’ll be bored while reading them.

Let’s start out with the characters. If I could describe Simon, the main character, with only one word I would probably say likable. There are so many books where you just can’t connect with the main character because he’s a class 1 asshole, etc., but with Simon… just can’t not like him, in my opinion. Yes he makes mistakes and yes sometimes you won’t agree with his actions but you’ll never dislike him during this book. I’m just really glad that this book was written in his POV because it was a joy reading his thoughts. Not only that, but like I mentioned earlier, you can connect with him. He’s just a normal guy living his life like everyone else, going out with his friends, finding love, going to work, feeding his cat, etc. He’s witty and sarcastic and I love, love, looove his sense of humour.

Next, there was Declan Tyler, the love interest. Ahhh, Declan… I loved him! He’s a football player and in the closet. Him being in the closet was one of the main themes in this book. Going out with a closeted guy was hard for Simon, but at the same time he understood why Declan couldn’t just come out of the closet. And as a reader, you’ll understand as well. It is a struggle Declan has to deal with, but not on second you’ll doubt that he loves Simon. Him and Simon are so different one so many levels but they just work, you know? To be honest, I would like the have a Declan in my life as well… :)

I have to mention the secondary characters now, and more specifically Fran and Roger, Simon’s best friends. They’re a couple and they’re great. Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind having a spin-off book about them. They’re funny and they’re cute together and I understand why Simon loves them so much. Yes, Simon and Roger have a few arguments in this book (mainly caused by some things Roger says at the beginning of Simon and Declan's relationship), but I could never even get angry at Roger because I understood why he said those things; he was just looking out for Simon. Now, sometimes I did get a little bit annoyed because like Simon said, it was his life and not Roger's, but at the end of the day I still liked him a whole whole lot.

The humour was great in the book and often I found myself laughing out loud at some of the things the characters did or said. Tigers and Devils is just a great humourous (but still serious at times), sweet book. It’s my top comfort-read because you just can’t help feeling happy while reading it. Even the second time around I had this stupid sappy smile on my face basically the whole time and I couldn’t shake it off.

So don’t waste anymore time and go read it as soon as possible!