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Scrap Metal - Harper Fox This was my first time reading anything by Harper Fox, and I have to say that I fell in love with her writing style. It is poetic, and I understand that it might not be something some people enjoy, but I did and it grabbed me from the first paragraph and it kept me reading until the end.

For months I put off reading this book even though I couldn't wait to read it, just because I had huge expectations and I was afraid to be disappointed. Well, now that I read it, I can honestly say that while all of my expectations weren't fully met, I still completely loved this story. It wasn't anything full of action, but it was still intense. On one hand there's a man filled with grief who had to give up his dreams to move back on the farm he grew up on, and on the other there's a man running from his past. And along the way they fall in love with each other.

I liked the slow built to their relationship. While it is obvious they both were attracted to each other from basically the moment they met, they didn't act on it until much later and I liked that. But when they do "get together", it is beautiful and you can just feel the love these two men have for each other. I think they both found each other at the right time, just when they both needed someone in their life to love them and make them better.

All in all, it was just a great combination of beautiful characters, beautiful scenery (it made me want to visit Scotland even more so than before), beautiful story, and a beautiful love story.

Well done, Harper Fox, well done.