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Strawberries for Dessert - Marie Sexton Thoughts after re-reading this:

Gaaah! This is still as amazing as I remembered. After reading Promises, I didn't think any of the books in this series could be better than that one, but I think I actually prefer this one over Promises. I mean, it's really hard to decide because they're both amazing, but I think I like this slightly more. I just loved the progress of Cole and Jon. It's a slowly built relationship, with them starting out as just fuck-buddies, but then it slowly graduates until they both realize that they actually have feelings for each other.

I loved Cole! I loved how out-going and flamboyant he was. And I liked to read about how Jon slowly comes to not be ashamed of being seen with him in public, and to accept that this is who Cole is... take it or leave it. These two truly are great together and I hope there's going to be another book focused on them.