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Tigerland - Sean Kennedy Before starting this book, I was a little bit afraid of being disappointed with it, just because I absolutely loved the first installment and I wanted this one to live up to my high expectations after such an amazing first book. Well, Tigerland didn't disappointed at all; it was everything I was expecting and more.

It was so great to revisit Simon, Declan, Lisa, Abe, Roger and Fran. I mean, who wouldn't want friends like them? Simon, especially is one of the greatest characters I have ever had the pleasure to read about. So glad that when Sean Kennedy decided to write these books he wrote them in Simon's POV. He's the funniest, wittiest, most sarcastic character ever! And he's 100% relatable, which I really like about him. Honestly, I just love him so much he's one of my all time favourite characters.

His relationship with Declan is still as great as in the first book. Yes, they have to go through yet another "problem", but not once do you worry they won't make it through. They love each other so much and you can see it whenever they're together. They have a very sweet and strong relationship, and while they still have communication issues, its obvious they came a long way in the past three years separating book one and two. They try talking about what bothers them more and I was glad to see that. But of course, like I said, they're still not perfect. Simon didn't tell Declan that the way he was handling things with Greg was bothering him, even though he did try subtly here and there. And Declan didn't ask Simon's opinion and how they should handle things together. But in the end, Declan redeemed himself when he did the interview at the end explaining everything to the public, and I was happy about that. I know Simon was trying to stop him, but I'm very glad he arrived to late.

The story itself, well... Greg was annoying as hell. He was such an asshole and I just wanted to punch in him the face. I was so glad when Declan did it though! I had the biggest smile and I just wanted to clap. Well done, Declan, well done. That asshole deserved it But in the end, it just proved to me and Simon and Declan and everyone that nothing can come between them, so I didn't mind being so annoyed with Greg just so we could see Simon and Declan stronger than ever.

All in all, Tigerland was a worthy is sequel, and I hope there a couple more to come. At least short stories if not full length novels, please Mr. Kennedy.